Your benefits at a glance

Medical benefits:

  • -  Accelerated wound healing
  • -  No antibiotics
  • -  Risk reduction
  • -  Purely physical treatment
  • -  Simple, fast and effective
  • -  One protocol for all wounds, eczema and mycoses
  • -  One system - 3 technological approaches


Economic benefits:

  • -  Quick amortization (1-3 months)
  • -  Easy to delegate
  • -  Cost-effective treatment
  • -  No waiting times
  • -  No running costs - no maintenance




The Concept

The combination of three ideally complementary technologies offers

 a) an effective, 

 b) sustainable and

 c) cost-efficient alternative:

1. Cleansing:
Our electro-chemically activated salt water immersion (sodium hypochlorite) for deep, fast and secure cleansing of skin and wounds.

2. coldPlasma: 
Accelerated regeneration and cell renewal in combination with antimicrobial properties makes coldPlasma a unique technology on the market.

3. Intensive care
With hyaluronan, MicroSilver and panthenol.

All three technologies by themselves already lead to high levels of treatment success.

AMAMUS Vet System combines all three different technologies in a way that they act synergistically and form a perfect symbiosis.

The application of AMAMUS Vet System enables a cost-efficient and highly effective intensive dermatologic treatment of wounds, mycoses, eczemas and more.

It helps to soothen and regenerate the treated skin areas and therefore to actively reduces the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals.

AMAMUS Vet  coldPlasma

AMAMUS Vet coldPlasma


Physical plasma
Physical plasma is the 4th state of aggregation. If gas is energetically charged, plasma occurs.

In nature, plasma occurs in all forms of lightnings. In industry, plasma is utilised for coatings, finishings and for desinfection purposes.

Used on skin, plasma acts

        1) highly antimicrobial,

        2) stimulates cell division

        3) reduces pain as well as itching


Scientific background - plasma-medicine
Plasma-medicine emerged during the last 20 years. Few medical sectors received such wide scientific interest as did the field of plasma-medicine. The first professorship for plasma-medicine was established in 2011 in Germany where the two Universities of Göttingen and Greifswald as well as the Fraunhofer and Leibnitz institutes need to be highlighted. 

In the meantime, the technology has been tested by more than 40 renowned universities, clinics and institutes all around the world - among which such well-known names as: North Carolina, Oxford, Cambridge, Osaka, and many more… . Apart from the application for wounds, exzemas, mycoses and viral skin disorders, cold plasma is being/ will be used in cancer research.

 In 2012, the first consensus paper dealing with the application of cold plasma has been released. 


Where is cold plasma being used?
Scientifically confirmed scopes of application are:

  • wounds (intraoperative wounds, surgical wounds, wounds with wound healing disorders, infected wounds, general wound aftercare)
  • exzemas (skin irritations, pyodermas, mallenders, sweet itch, inflamated mouth angles, ...)
  • mycoses.


It is now general consensus that the coldPlasma technology is an excellent therapy for these 3 indications and shall find more use in these ranges of application.


Important is the sustainable success of our customers