Product philosophy:

  • Added value for patients (High effectivity)
  • Added value for society (Reduction of antibiotics, sustainability)
  • Added economic value for all included parties


Multi-resistant germs are one of the biggest challenges in modern veterinary as well as human medicine. The dependance on antibiotics becomes more and more obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce antibiotics use whenever possible. We are offering a secure, medically and scientifically thoroughly tested, easy to use and cost-effectice solution. The unique combination of coldPlasma's highly innovative, physical effectiveness and our additional gels and lotions, tailored to combined use with each other, lead to our system being a unique solution for a very wide variety of applications - and makes it an irreplacable companion for any veterinary practicioner.


When it comes to the composition of our product range, we take great care, not to use any ingredients that are not absolutely vital to the success of the treatment. Whenever technically feasible and medically advisable, we are using materials of natural origin.

With the AMAMUS Vet System, we have succeeded to create an alternative that can enable to reduce antibiotics use - entirely in line with our corporate motto "Let's leave behind for our children a world of effective antibiotics".