The combination of three ideally complemetary technologies offers an effective,  sustainable and cost-efficient alternative:

1. Cleansing:
Our electro-chemically activated salt water immersion (sodium hypochlorite) for deep, fast and secure cleansing of skin and wounds.

2. coldPlasma: 
Accelerated regeneration and cell renewal in combination with antimicrobial properties make coldPlasma a unique technology on the market

3. Intensive treatment lotion
With hyaluronan, MicroSilver and panthenol.

All three technologies by themselves already lead to high levels of treatment success.
AMAMUS Vet System combines all three different technologies in a way so that they act synergistically and form a perfect symbiosis.
The application of AMAMUS Vet System enables a cost-efficient and highly effective intensive dermatologic treatment of wounds, mycoses, eczemas and more. This helps to soothen and regenerate the treated skin areas and therefore to actively reduce the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals.